What is a Periodical Inspection?

A periodical inspection, more commonly known in the industry as the annual inspection, should be carried out by an Inspection Body at least each calendar year, with a maximum interval of 15 months to inspect the overall safety of the site.

Some operators like to have a periodical inspection every six months - if this is required, it is available through Capstone.

Capstone provide this as an impartial service and can offer ‘independent advice’ on having the maintenance completed.

The type of courses we inspect:

  • Zip wires
  • Traditional ropes courses
  • Aerial adventure sites
  • Net parks
  • Climbing walls
  • Low ropes
  • Playgrounds

What is inspected:

  • Foundations
  • Surfaces
  • Visual Inspections
  • Equipment (In accordance with manufacturers/suppliers)
  • Functional Inspections
  • Component Check
  • Poles (Optional)
  • Documentation Part 2 (Operational Documentation)

Your periodical inspection is carried out in accordance with EN ISO/IEC17020 and all processes prior to and after the inspection are managed by Capstone's Operations Manager. They will ensure that the full report is completed and the client receives it's Inaugural Certification (EN:15567).

To find out more, enquire or book your periodical inspection and receive details of the full inspection process, please contact ops@capstone-inspections.com.