Wooden Poles play a key role within the ropes course industry

When operating a ropes course, it is essential that a comprehensive and rigorous inspection regime is implemented, to ensure that the course is fit for purpose and safe for all users.

Wooden Poles play a vital role within the construction of many courses and due to their limited lifespan and exposure to external elements, they require a more detail, specific inspection.

We deliver:

  • Sound Inspections
  • Visual Inspections
  • Wooden Pole Inspection (IML- RESI R400 Drill)

Capstone provide inspections of wooden poles using a state-of-the-art IML-RESI R400 Drill. A 3mm drilling needle is inserted into the wood under constant drive and this evaluates the quality of the internal state of the wood by measuring the resistance in the timber; determining whether the pole is fit for purpose, in need of repair or complete replacement.

The quantitative data is recorded electronically and transferred to a Capstone report where it is processed, analysed and sent to the client.

Good asset management and maintenance of your course will help prevent damage and disrepair enabling you to get the full life-span out of your course.

To find out more, enquire or book a pole inspection please contact ops@capstone-inspections.com.