Wire ropes are an essential element of ropes courses

Having sufficient training and knowledge about wire ropes will help you to manage and maintain your course appropriately and/or enable you to become a Type C Inspector.

This is a ropes course specific wire rope examiners course written by Nick Moriarty and Paul Capper and delivered by Paul Capper.

It has been designed for operational inspectors, constructors of ropes courses and potential Type C Inspectors who are wanting to become ropes course wire rope examiners and further their knowledge base on wire rope for the ropes course industry.

The course covers but is not limited to:

  • Wire rope construction
  • Types of wire rope
  • Wire rope terminators
  • Wire rope fatigue
  • Wire rope abrasion
  • Wire rope corrosion
  • Understanding the dynamics of wear and tear
  • Lightening
  • Other damages
  • Recording inspections
  • Retirement/discard
  • Physical Inspections

Course Summary:
Length: 2 Days
Where: Burnbake Ropes Course or your own site
Cost: £300 plus VAT
Min No: in order for the course to run a minimum of 4 participants will be required (max is 8)
Requirements: Minimum age is 18 and you must hold an ERCA Generic Rescuer qualification or IRATA Level 1 to attend this course.

All participants will be given the opportunity to join a network of 'Wire Rope Inspectors’.

To find out more, enquire or book a place on the training course please contact ops@capstone-inspections.com.