Inspection Type (select for pricing and more information)

*If timber decay is suspected of being present, and found, or the client wishes any pole to be inspected for decay, the following charges will apply:

per pole bottom £40
per pole middle £40
per pole top £40
per pole bottom & top £85
per entire pole £100

Inspection Charges (all prices exclude VAT)

Periodical/Annual - £525.00

Inaugural - £1250.00

Operational Inspection - £375.00

PPE Inspection - £375.00

IML pole drilling inspections are priced per pole

ALF’s - £68.50 each

If a rescuer is provided by Capstone there will be an additional charge of £375.00

Electronic signature is acceptable. All the above prices are subject to change if inspections are more complex. You will be advised of the cost at the time of booking. Travel and mileage will be added at £12.50 per hour travel and .44p per mile to and from your site. This cost could reduce if sharing travel with another client.